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About Us

Patterson S. Weaver

Owner and managing attorney Patterson Weaver is a former prosecutor that has been practicing criminal law for approximately a decade, and has owned and managed a successful criminal defense law firm since 2012.

When the Colorado Legislature passed House Bill 1275 in 2019, Mr. Weaver realized that a lot of good, normal, everyday people in Colorado that have been held back by their past mistakes may now be able to finally move past those past mistakes. However, it was likely that most people eligible to be helped by the new law would never know that sealing their case was even possible. Moreover, sealing cases is not a priority for most criminal defense attorneys and firms so much as an afterthought.

With these things in mind, SealMyCourtCase, LLC was born. SealMyCourtCase, LLC is a law firm dedicated specifically to educating people on the new sealing laws in Colorado, and to efficiently and effectively help people seal or expunge their eligible cases so that they can move past their mistakes and on with their lives.

Sealing cases is all SealMyCourtCase, LLC does; it is our sole focus, and we strive to do it with enthusiasm and excellence. We are a team of people, intake specialists, case managers, attorneys, and contract attorneys, that want to focus our efforts solely on sealing cases with distinction, assisting good people with past mistakes to petition the court and seal their cases, all for a fair price.

At SealMyCourtCase, LLC, we want to help people move forward.

Move Past Your Past.