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Colorado Case Sealing Lawyers

Founded by Criminal Defense Attorney Patterson Weaver, SealMyCourtCase, LLC is a team of attorneys, intake specialists, case managers, and paralegals that strive to provide an exceptional client experience while sealing criminal cases with efficiency and excellence, all for a fair price. Sealing cases is all SealMyCourtCase, LLC does; it is our sole focus, and we take pride in assisting good people in putting their past mistakes in their past.

What Can SealMyCourtCase, LLC Do for Me?

At SealMyCourtCase.com, we take care of the sealing process from start to finish. We begin by performing a detailed record search to review your criminal record and see which cases are eligible to be sealed. After determining which eligible records may be most beneficial for you to have sealed, one of our experienced case sealing attorneys will then contact you for a free phone consultation. Our attorneys work hard to understand your specific situation and provide you with valuable insight so that you can feel confident and make an informed decision about whether having your records sealed is right choice for you.

The next step will be for one of our case sealing attorneys to enter an appearance in your case to represent you. We will then file a motion or petition along with all the other necessary documents with the court. Many criminal records will require a formal hearing before they can be sealed, in which case, an attorney will appear at that hearing for you to make your best argument to the court on why your record should be sealed. Finally, assuming we receive a positive outcome and the court grants the sealing, SealMyCourtCase will then take the added step of ensuring that the order was properly followed and confirm that your cases were successfully sealed. We do this by sending the order to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the arresting law enforcement agency, and by contacting the court clerks.

We understand the idea of sealing criminal records can be daunting and the process can be confusing, so we do everything we can to remove the stress and uncertainty from the process. SealMyCourtCase has a streamlined and client-oriented record sealing process which is implemented from consultation through the completion of your case. We take care of everything for you while diligently providing you with updates every step of the way, so you know exactly where you are in the case sealing process. At SealMyCourtCase, we give you the very best chance at having your old criminal records sealed so that you can finally move past your past.

How Much Does it Cost?

We keep our prices competitive and low so that you can feel confident that sealing your criminal records is the right choice for you. Our prices are set at standard flat rates per case so that you can easily pick and choose which records you would like to have sealed. Unlike many law firms, we charge a flat fee with all expenses built in, so you know ahead of time exactly how much you will be paying per case. No hidden costs or hourly billing. That means that you pay one low flat fee for our complete services from start to finish. This includes the consultation, travel time, filing the necessary motion and other documents with the court, and having an attorney represent you and fight on your behalf at any hearing that may be required. When we receive an order granting a sealing, it also includes the additional step of us ensuring your case was properly sealed by the agencies that had your records. We do this by contacting the court clerks and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to make sure your records were properly sealed. SealMyCourtCase does whatever it takes to give you the best chance at a successful case sealing. Contact SealMyCourtCase.com today to learn more about your case and exactly how much it will cost.

What Are Your Service Areas?

SealMyCourtCase proudly serves the entire state of Colorado. Based in Colorado Springs, we take cases from all around the state. No matter where your case is located in Colorado, we will have an attorney to represent you and appear on your behalf at any and all court hearings. We also do not increase our prices based on anticipated travel time, so there is no need for you to worry about finding a firm that may be closer to you. Sealing criminal records throughout all of Colorado is what we do, so contact us today to speak with a case sealing lawyer. Find out for free if your criminal records are eligible for sealing and begin the process of finally leaving your past behind you.

What Are the Next Steps?

Contact us! Simply fill out the form at the bottom of our website and we will have an experienced case sealing attorney call you for a completely free consultation. You can also give us a call any time at 1-833-333-7325. Let us know which case or cases are bothering you most, so our attorneys know where to focus your consultation. While it is important that we know which records are impacting you the most, our attorneys will always perform a thorough review of your records so that they can tell you if there are other criminal records that may benefit you to have sealed. When you contact SealMyCourtCase.com, you are taking the first step toward finally moving beyond your old criminal cases. Don’t allow your past mistakes to continue holding you back. Let SealMyCourtCase help you move past your past today.

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Case Sealing FAQs
icon What does it mean to have your records sealed? Having your record sealed means that your records are no longer viewable to the public. Civilian background checks will not be able to find your record in the Colorado state record systems at all. Read More ›
icon How does a case get sealed? Generally, a motion or petition to the court is required to start the sealing process. At SealMyCourtCase.com, our attorneys will file a motion or a petition with the court to seal your case. In some instances, the court can rule on the motion without the need for a hearing. Read More ›
icon Is there a required waiting period before a case can be sealed? It depends. If your case was dismissed, either outright or after a successfully completed deferred judgment and sentence, it is likely eligible to be sealed immediately. For cases where you were convicted of a crime, it will generally take at least two year. Read More ›